Seagate’s CORTX Integration Challenge seeks to expand the possibilities of data by making it easier to move, store, and activate data at scale. Win the challenge – worth prizes up to $5,000 by creating a working integration between CORTX and a platform or tool that deals with data at scale, and/or an integration with Filecoin or Chia. 

CORTX is Seagate’s open-source mass capacity object storage system.  By connecting CORTX to tools and systems used for data analytics and other data services, the integrations you build will ensure that the data generated by the data revolution can be harnessed to the full extent of its potential.

Participants can create integrations using either the S3 API or by connecting directly with Motr, the object store that powers CORTX. Learn more about this challenge by checking out the Resources tab. 


Developers, data scientists, storage fanatics, and API wizards of all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to submit projects. Individuals, and teams of individuals, must have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. The Seagate CORTX Integration Challenge: Singapore is open only to residents of Singapore. See full rules for details.


A submission will be considered complete if it contains:

  • A functional integration between CORTX and another system, platform, or tool, which is explained and documented in-
    • A pull request to the CORTX GitHub Repository
    • A video demonstrating the set up and functionality of the integration, along with an explanation of its purpose
    • Documentation in the pull request explaining how to set up and use the integration.

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$23,440 in prizes

First Place

$10,000 cash
Seagate 2TB Ultra Touch HDD (external drive)

Second Place

$6,000 cash
Seagate 2TB Ultra Touch HDD (external drive)

Third Place

$4,000 cash
Seagate 2TB Ultra Touch HDD (external drive)

Fourth Place

$2,000 cash
Seagate 2TB Ultra Touch HDD (external drive)

Motr Category Bonus

$1,000 cash

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Shailesh Manjrekar

Shailesh Manjrekar
Head of AI and Strategic Alliances - WekaIO

Michelle Mannering

Michelle Mannering
Developer Community Manager - GitHub

Stefano Markidis

Stefano Markidis
Associate Professor of Computer Science - KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Praveen Viraraghavan

Praveen Viraraghavan
Technologist - Seagate Technology

Tim Walker

Tim Walker
Principal Engineer - Seagate Technology

Judging Criteria

  • Submission Completeness
    Full credit requires submitting a pull request on the CORTX GitHub that includes a write-up, documentation, and a link to the integration video.
  • Documentation & Write Up
    The pull request should include a summary of the intention behind the integration and what it does, as well as clear and easy-to-follow documentation on use and setup.
  • Integration Video
    Video explains purpose of integration, and includes a working demonstration as well as concise, easy, and clear instructions for setting up the integration.
  • Technical Evaluation
    Each submission will be rated on its functionality and degree of technical difficulty. Judging criteria will be based on integration functionality, the complexity of the integration platform, and/or the number of functions utilized.
  • Reach / Impact
    Submissions will receive points based on impact/reach. A high scoring submission will be one with high impact potential, e.g. an integration with a system/tool/platform core to multiple industries or domains.
  • Reproducibility
    Documentation, including the video, will be scored on how easily understood, concise, and complete the instructions are. Reproducibility means that a third party would be able to successfully run the integration based on the instructions.
  • Bonus Points
    Participants can earn extra points for taking on optional additional challenges, such as installing their own CORTX VM.

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